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There is stuff here. I have. You could have too.
In an effort to make it easier for those interested in obtaining CD's, CDR's & whatnot,here's an idea of what's available, what you have to do to get it, and...well that's pretty much it. Unfortunately I am evidently not allowed to mention 'suggested contributions', so please email me a with any inquirires.

These are actual, genuine compact discs I have in stock, as opposed to custom-burned CDR's. p>THE ORIGINAL SINS/"Radio Friendly"

The last Original Sins recording, made in 1998,coupled with "Turn You On", my personal favorite Sins album, recorded in '95 and previously released only as a very limited edition vinyl LP...68+ min.

1. Happy Happy 2.I'm OK, Youre OK 3. Halfhearted 4. Now and Then 5. Different Since Yesterday 6. Radio Friendly 7. Stranger Things 8. What Goes 'Round 9. See a Light 10. O. Sins Theme 11.Turn You On 12. Pretty Pretty 13. Youre Free 14. Youre So Lucky 15. In the End 16. Stupefied 17. Little Piece of God 18. O Misery 19. Contact High 20. Uncool 21. Cant Go Home 22. Now That I Know 23. Crazy 24. Jaguar

These items are recordable compact discs of non-official releases. They include a disc, jewel-box,and crude paper cover that I cut out with safety scissors because that's all they let me have after 'the accident'...Bear in mind that I could also burn custom CDR's of otherwise unavailable recordings.

THE MEDIUMS/"Out, Demons, Out"

Kind of like Brother JT's "Maybe We Should Take Some More", probably because it was recorded on the same 8-track 1/4" inch machine that presently sits in my living room. The same spirit of hazy whimsy prevails, if nudged on a bit by a latent interest in doped-up dub, filtered through our lazy, suburban sensibility, ahem...48+ min.

1.Out, Demons...2.Way Out 3. Diga Me 4.Invisible Strings 5. Desert Song 6. The Motions 7. Free Country 8. Wanna Be One 9. ...Out 10. Inchworm 11. Where We Get Off

BROTHER JT 3/"Smokin' at WFMU"

Live recording from the legendary freeform radio station in Jersey City. Despite it being a rainySunday night, I would not charaterize our performance as 'mellow' by any means...Contains"Lets Not" and "Dry Bones", which will also be featured on our next studio effort, "Hang in There Baby". 50+ min.

1.UR 2.Be With Us 3.Let's Not 4.Summer 5.Honeysuckle 6.Say No More 7.Never Never 8.Floatin' 9.Levitation 10.Dry Bones

BROTHER JT/"Waxing & Waning"

Kind of a rag-tag comp of various cuts from vinyl-only projects, derived mostly from the "Holy Ghost Stories" and "Vibrolux" albums circa 1994. 76 min.

1.Direct In 2. Ice Cream Cone 3. Eloi 4. Are You the Are? 5. Time Was 6. Hi, Death 7. Little Wonder Cave 8. From the Throne 9. Hey Mr. Sun 10. Moon Pie 11. Sunshine Loser 12. Almost Grace 13. Baby's Coffin 14. The Way 15. Vibrolux 16. 7/5/87

The VINYL Frontier
Below you will find some 12" and 7" pieces of circular plastic that will produce primitive sounds when using crude, needle-like devices. Unearthed them at a dig near the Giza Plateau. They appeared to be...deliberately buried!

I have about 20 copies of the Original Sins' 2nd LP, "The Hardest Way", still in shrink wrap.

1.Heard It All Before 2.Now's the Time 3.Tearing Me In Two 4.Why You Love Me So 5. Can't Get Over You 6.Hardest Way 7.Out of My Mind 8.You Can't Touch Me 9.Dont Fit In 10.Rather Be Sad 11.I Cant Say 12.She Understands 13.Ain't No Tellin' 14.End of the World

MANY copies of Brother JT/Vibrolux "Music for theOther Head LP (Alot of CD's too actually), originally released in 1995 on Siltbreeze Records. I had hoped the album's centerpiece, "Comet" would be a big hit despite it's 20 minute length, one riff, and generally drunken, angry bear sensibility --but it wasn't. Not at all. I do, still, maintain, however, that the Comet will, indeed, COME. Approx.38 min. .

1. Comet 2. Music for the Other Head 3.Blur 4.Mind(rot)

An early benefactor of the Sins gave me a box full of these singles from around 1990 or so. Marbled, colored vinyl, A-side is Stooges vs. Bo Diddley with drug allusions, B-side is me doing everything on Tommy Roe's "Dizzy". .

Crush Nova was basically just me in the studio,circa 1993. One of my favorite recordings, with some of the free-er guitar work I've done and me playing drums, surprisingly, because I cant play drums.

That's all for now, more to come...If you want anything here, please email me at or snail it to: John Terlesky
818 Palmer St
W. Easton, Pa. 18042

and I'll let you know the 'particulars'...